The first date is most important. It’s a chance, some times the only chance you have to put your best foot forward. You want to make it count. Some say a new dress or suit will put the added zing to make you look better and create a good impression. It may or may not be true. But there is one thing that does make a great impression body language.

Body language is the strongest indicator of success of a relationship. New clothes don’t matter, a new hairdo doesn’t count either. It’s really about body language. Back straight, no slumping shoulders, making eye contact, these are body language signals that will indicate if you will see each other again and if you enjoy each other’s company. This is of course for singles looking for singles. Expect body language to be different if one or both partners are already married or spoken for. But body language is one of your best signals.
Now that the body language is in sync, it’s time for dating. Dating doesn’t have to be very expensive. It doesn’t mean expensive restaurants, shows, concerts or other things that can suck up a lot of money. There are some great ideas for cheap, low cost dating where you can enjoy each other’s company and not go overboard financially.

Walking in the local park is a great way to take in sites. Many parks have statues that feature someone of historical significance. In this day and age, you can easily search about the person on the cell phone and find some new facts about that person in history.
Another cheap dating idea is a free play or show. Check either online or your local newspaper for acting groups that have free shows in the park. There are often groups performing for free especially at major public spaces. If you live in or near a large city, check out the performing arts section of your newspaper. Or check online. Especially look for these words – Events and Free – Your City. You might find something available that is free and happening on the same day as your date.
Walking by the beach. It can’t cost any less! You get great views unless you live at the beach year round. You get lots of exercise, can collect shells and might get lucky and find a bottle with a message. And you get to know your partner free from distractions .

Cheap dating can go along way in creating a solid foundation for your relationship. Both men and women look for financial stability in themselves and their partners. Living, and in this case, dating within your means is definitely a plus in the relationship department in terms of seeing yourself as a financially stable partner. It might be nice to pop a bottle of champagne or eat at a fancy, expensive restaurant on the first date. But in the long run, if you or your partner can’t really afford to sustain that lifestyle it could be a negative instead of a plus in the relationship.