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I love bigchurch's chatrooms. I've had the best times chatting and met a few people who live nearby and we started a bible study group. I'd moved here from Floride and found the friends I've met give meaning to my life.

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Wow! It really can happen. I met Michael on May 15 - just a simple hello was all it took. On August 9 we got married! How cool is that! :-) He truly met my every desire in finding a God-fearing man, an example that my own sons can finally look up to! Praise the Lord! Thank you, BigChurch, for a great site!

I'm a christian site like this all members supposed to be of good cheer and try to know one another if possible visit your friends and pray with them, even share things with them is not necessary u get married on this site but just to share the word of God and also. If u find any body who is intrested in marrying you you can go ahead if he or she suites your life style. In AMOS 3:3, Two can not walk except they agree thats why i'm stressing my opinion here.

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