Setting diet goals is the first step to losing weight. The second and most important part is sticking to them. Like anything ie. another degree, a new car, paying off a mortgage, saving x amount of dollars or even having a business, it’s sticking to the goal that creates success.

For weight loss, goals should be as realistic as possible. Are you in a position to lose 10 lbs in a week. It does happen but is that overly realistic. Being overly realistic can backfire leaving you questioning your original goals and ability to reach them. If you set a general goal 10lbs in a week and cover the bases:fasting for the week and only drinking water, no carbs, exercising 2 to 3 hours a day. These activities will likely increase the chances of reaching that goal but you have to stick to it for them to work. What if it rains and you can’t go outside to exercise? What if there’s a party at work and you indulge in a piece of cake?

Well, you can exercise in the rain and you can avoid that piece of cake. Is that a realistic option. If so, you’re in good place to reach those goals. Many people are not and should adjust those expectations. Having a massive weight loss in a week is possible but often overly realistic. Remember to have goals and work towards them but it’s often impossible reach strict goals so make general goals. Check the scale, if you see 7.5 lbs or even 5 lbs should you be satisfied? No but instead of feeling defeated accentuated the positive and know your going in the right direction.
Continue with your diet and exercise regime and check the scale again. You might find places in your regime you can really tune up and get dramatic results. Some examples are the famous ketogenic diet. Another example is adding an hour to your regular workout. This tends to really increase the fat burning and induce weight loss quickly. Take your average workout and double it time wise focusing on aerobic. Guess what? You don’t have to jog, you can simply walk. Instead of walking 5 miles, make it 10 miles. Or instead of 1 hour, make it 2 hours. The results will happen very quickly and you’ll have a smile on your face. Of course, there’s the other side and that’s diet. Don’t workout like a dog and then fill up on french fries, the hamburger is ok but it’s best if it just a steak and some vegetables or to break it down, a protein and vegetables, little bread. One great way to do a hamburger it to jazz it up with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mustard, onions, ketchup, mayo but no bun. Fewer carbs means your body has to use the fat in food to break down and digest this meal and that’s like money in the banks for a diet. It works. And the way you do it can create a hamburger masterpiece that’s a feast for your eyes!

Everyone is different. Fasting might come easily for one person. Exercising might be easier for someone else. It’s important to assess your strengths and focus on those strengths in your overall diet plan. Accentuate the positive. So you might not lose that 10 lbs in one week but it may be two weeks or three. The point is you’re going in the right direction!


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