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I am a submissive female. Joining Alt in late May I put up a profile and waited. Then after getting bombed with answering letters I finally got some very interesting sincere Doms responding to my profile. In June the one came along that seemed perfectly matched to my needs. He and I, his wife and my husband all have met and we all like get along great. I would never have found him if it were not for Alt. So… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

For the last 8 nmonths there has been this guy that I have seen on all the other local online sites. I have also seen him at the bars. He is not someone that I would think of hooking up with from anywhere else. Last week he joined and I sent him a note to say hey and welcome. Last night we hooked up and had the hottest fucking time. I got up to my elbow in his ass. And we played for hours. On top of that found that we have lots in common. Same friends, interest, and types. So it does work. Yeah for

I am writing this to say, that I have met the woman of my dreams, here at Alt! I have hung on, for many years now, and fought the good fight, holding out for the true love, that my heart has never give up on... I just never dared dream that I would find her at alt, but since I do have an interest in d/s, I decided to post my profile - and I can hardly believe my fortune, in meeting the kind of dear sweet woman, that I've dreamed about all my life! I am posting this msg. not to boast or brag, but to urge those of you, who still believe in true love, to NEVER give up on it! No matter how discouraged we get, and how long we may have to wait, for the right concerned and caring heart, he/she is out there, and wants true love, just as much as we do. Wishing all of you the true love, that your heart longs for.
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